MGE 500$ 2v2

1 Teams
Eligible Teams
64 Teams
Entry Fee
Entry Fee: Free
Registration Closes:01:00 am EST 01/29/18
Check-In Begins: 01:00 am EST 02/3/18
Tournament Begins: 09:30 am EST 03/3/18
Tournament Size: 64 teams
Eligible Teams: 1 teams
Bracket Type: single Elimination
Minimum Team Size:2 player(s)
Maximum Team Size: 2 player(s)
1st Place: 400
2nd Place: 100
3rd Place: A Hug

TOURNAMENT HAS BEEN DELAYED. New date and time will be scheduled as soon as I can (I'm a contractor in the Oil Business and of course got a job scheduled out of state right during February out of the blue :(..... Hope to have it in March but don't know the full extent of this contract yet)

Free Entry Date TBD depending on other tournaments being scheduled, MGE Maps and Settings.... add the GT MGE Tournament and check bookmarks for all maps and settings...... Open for anyone to join in on (Most our tournaments are clan only!)

Message me on xbox at MELTON GAMING for details.


Oddball, CTF and Slayer will be invloved!!!!!!!